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  • Event Date 2019/10/03  -  8:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • Event Venue Rabat

ICSSD’19: International Conference on Smart Systems and Data science 2019

ICSSD 2019 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to present their latest achievements and innovations in the area of Smart Systems and Data Science. The conference provides a leading international forum for the dissemination of original research in data science, with emphasis on applications as well as novel smart systems proposition.
Seeking for a huge research success, the conference aims to attract researchers and application developers from a wide range of data science and smart systems related areas. Furthermore, the current innovative emergence of Big Data processing brings an urgent need for data science and smart systems to address these new challenges. The conference will cover both data science and smart systems theoretical research as well as applications.

In fact, Data Science is the convergence of several disciplines and to name a few: statistics, artificial intelligence, algorithmic and data visualization are mainly involved in the application of data science techniques and their continuous development. Data science techniques aim to manage the huge and increasing amount of data available in different formats and that can be extracted from several heterogeneous sources such as: Smart Devices, Social Networks, Sensors, e-services, platforms, etc. Data science enables the resolution of complex analytical problems and responds to companies’ and organizations’ needs by processing and analyzing data in order to ensure a better decision-making. Researchers and experts in the field of data science and smart systems focus on challenging issues related to the design and development of innovative techniques to achieve data analysis within smart systems.

ICSSD’19 has set the goal to combine data and information science technologies and techniques in theoretical and practical applications, while allowing a constructive exchange around the key issues of data science.

Submission Guidelines

Contributions describing data science techniques applied to real-world problems and interdisciplinary research involving data science and Smart Systems, experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insights into the design of novel approaches are very welcomed.  In addition, papers describing development of new analytical frameworks that advance practical data science methods and smart systems technologies are especially encouraged. Workshops and tutorials/code labs in data science and smart systems areas are also welcomed to submit their proposals.

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following paper categories are welcome:

  • Full papers
  • Short papers
  • Posters
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops


Importantes Dates

  • Submission Deadline : April, 1 2019
  • Notification Date: May, 30 2019
  • Camera-Ready: June, 15 2019
  • Registration Deadline: July, 20 2019
  • Conference Date : October, 3-4 2019

List of Topics

  • Track 1: Artificial Intelligence: algorithms and techniques
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Ensemble learning
    • Reinforcing learning
    • Collaborative learning
    • Neural Networks
    • Sentiment Mining
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Expert Systems
    • Image Processing, Pattern recognition and Computer Vision
  • Track 2:  Smart Systems and applications
    • Smart cities and green development
    • Smart agent-based systems
    • Smart traffic
    • Smart mobility
    • Smart learning
    • Smart Heath
    • Smart agriculture
    • Smart and sustainable environment
    • Smart tourism
    • Smart Management
  • Track 3: Big Data and Applications
    • Big Data Platforms
    • Recommendation systems
    • Data quality and integrity
    • Big data system reliability and availability
    • Big data analytics
    • Data visualization
    • Cognitive big data analytics
    • Optimization models for cognitive big data analytics
    • Trust and Reputation management in e-services and social networks.
  • Track 4: IOT and Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing and applications
    • Cloud Computing platforms
    • Security in Cloud Computing
    • Internet of Things and platforms
    • Enhancing security and privacy in IoT
    • Internet of vehicle (IoV)
    • Communication protocol for IoV
    • Sensor networks
    • Trust and security in sensor networks


Program Committee

  • https://icssd.net/ICSSD2019/

Organizing committee

  • https://icssd.net/ICSSD2019/

Invited Speakers

  • Pr. AAWATIF HAYAR : full Professor at University Hassan II Casablanca Morocco-GreenTIC-ENSEM.
  • Pr. BELLATRECHE Ladjel LISI : full Professor at National Engineering School for Mechanics and Aerotechnics (ISAE-ENSMA), Poitiers, France.
  • Pr. VIOLETTA CAVALLI-SFORZA: Associate Professor of Computer Science, School of Science and Engineering, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.
  • Pr.MOUNIR GHOGHO : IEEE Fellow, Scientific Advisor to the President Director of ICT Research Laboratory (TICLab), Coordinator of the Big Data master programme, Université Internationale de Rabat


Ecole des sciences de l’information : ESI http://esi.ac.ma/

Rabat, Morocco


EMAIL: ICSSD2019@esi.ac.ma / ICSSD2019@gmail.com

Conference website: https://icssd.net/ICSSD2019/